Top 5 tips for the party season!

Nov 8, 2018 | Blog

The season to be jolly is fast approaching but if you’re the host how do you make sure your events go with a bang?

It may seem a scary and overwhelming task, but with good planning it needn’t be and the rewards of a successful event will far outweigh the efforts involved.
Here are some of my top tips to consider when planning your next launch, awards ceremony or corporate gig:

1. Aim for the goal

When in the planning stages never lose sight of the main reason for your event, how you want your guests to feel and the lasting impression you need to make.
Whether you are thanking your clients, hosting a fundraiser or simply raising awareness for your brand make sure you always refer back to ‘why’ when making decisions. This will help you avoid the easy trap of getting carried off in the wrong direction.

2. To theme or not to theme?

Themes can be a useful tool to help pull an event together but be mindful of getting too carried away, especially if developing an annual event. Your theme must have relevance or it could run the risk of being naff.

3. Food & drink

This is such an important topic and the list could go on. The basics are;

  • If you serve drink you MUST have something to soak it up even if that’s just olives and nibbles.
  • Don’t play it safe to please the masses so banish Chicken Supreme forever. Even budget chefs are keen to show their culinary prowess so let them get creative.
  • If you have a theme then try to continue that through the menu.
  • Buy the best alcohol your budget will allow and make sure you order plenty so you don’t run out.

4. A bit on the side

If you want your event to be memorable then you can’t beat a bit of good old fashioned fun and if you want it to be fun then interactive is the word. That doesn’t necessarily mean gadgets and gizmos but anything that adds an element of discovery is always a winner.

5. Entertainment

Like food and drink, entertainment can make or break an event. Whether it’s a DJ, live band or performers keep it fresh, exciting and as superior as you can afford. Stay clear of pulling in favours from well meaning friends and always use professionals who are used to working the crowd.
Do consider a host if you have an audience; someone who can manage the flow and control and again nod to the theme.

Don’t underestimate the time it takes to organise an event.

So it might be worth considering using the services of events planners.

Not only will they shoulder the stress but have the expertise, creativity and contacts to elevate your event to the spectacular!


Caron Khan

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