WHY should business invest funds in arts and culture?

Feb 28, 2022 | Blog

Undoubtedly because they are part of our national conversation and enhance our quality of life. Wherever you look, publicly funded arts are making an important contribution to society. But less acknowledged is the symbiotic relationship between arts and business. We need business to support our national arts and culture for three compelling reasons.

One – Our creative industries produce and export games, music, film, architecture, and design, as well as brilliant tv shows and broadcasting.
Second – Any employer has a vested interest in their locality being a rewarding place to live. That is how you attract and retain a talented workforce.
The third reason for businesses to back arts and culture is that it supports Brand Britain. We are recognised globally as being good at “the creative stuff” and we know, from British Council research, that countries and industries exposed to our culture are more likely to trade with us.

Many major companies, such as BP and Bloomberg, are long-term donors to the arts because they understand their value, they derive a definable return from sponsorship deals, or because they wish to support educational and socially beneficial schemes. Our reputation in the world is largely defined by our culture; it can make a significant difference to economic growth. It’s a national asset, and a national opportunity.

Let’s invest in it!


Caron Khan

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