Why change is actually your biggest ally

May 7, 2019 | Blog

As an agent of change, my role is to work with businesses to take them through transition. I identify and instigate change, and then I support them through it. Sometimes they take a bit of persuasion; sometimes they’re led willingly.

But how do I deal with change on both a professional and personal level?
I spend my day-to-day life leading businesses, brands and individuals through sometimes difficult transitions, and yet, when the laptop’s switched off and life’s throwing its own curveballs in my direction, how do I cope?

I’ve experienced a lot of changes; they’ve come at me from all directions, and they haven’t always been welcomed with open arms. Some changes have felt painful, some have felt positive. All of them have felt ‘unknown’.

Don’t hang on to something that isn’t working anymore

It’s this sense of the unknown that lies at the heart of our fear of change. We fear the unfamiliar, and this causes us to hold tight to the status quo, even if the status quo isn’t working for us anymore. But the truth is this: Change is the only constant in life – nothing stays the same.

So, if nothing stays the same, and change is our one true guarantee, then surely we should be approaching it with acceptance and respect. We should recognise that change has actually shaped our entire life, through childhood, adulthood, relationships, jobs, health… the list goes on. And whilst change may have felt frightening at the time, we tend to look back and recognise its inevitability, and its unavoidable place in our lives.

On a professional level, I experience change all the time. Perhaps I’ll gain or lose a client, or their needs shift. Maybe I’ve taken the client to such a positive space, they can move forward without my support. For me, this is a job well done! The key to dealing with all these changes is to embrace them. If you see life’s changes as an evolution and an opportunity to learn and move forward, then the only way is up.

On a personal level, change comes and goes like the ebb and flow of the tide. And whilst it may feel as though it’ll engulf me, it always recedes to reveal smoother sand, shinier pebbles. I’ve learnt that if you allow it to be, change can become a tsunami. But if you respect it, embrace it and recognise it as a necessary part of your own personal evolution, then it’s actually your strongest ally.

This understanding of change is integral to how I support my clients in dealing with transition. I recognise that they may be fearful, and I know that I can mitigate that fear by ensuring the changes are implemented gradually. This gentle, steady approach allows change to unfold positively, forging a more optimistic future for a business that would otherwise be struggling with the status quo.

Next time you’re faced with a change, take a moment to remind yourself of these three key points:

  1. Remember that change is inevitable – nothing stays the same
  2. Approach change with acceptance and respect – it can be your greatest ally
  3. Work with change and allow it to unfold organically – resistance is futile!


Caron Khan

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